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Surge's Collaboration with TeamLuke in the Fight Against Neuroblastoma

Jack Dodsworth

November 30th, 2023

In a world where innovation meets compassion, Surge passionately championed a cause that's close to our hearts.

Our most recent creative endeavour has been dedicated to supporting the TeamLuke Foundation, a charity boldly tackling Neuroblastoma through groundbreaking research.

To truly grasp the impact of our collaboration, let's delve into the heart of TeamLuke's mission. Fuelled by the memory of Luke Bell, an inspirational eight-year-old who bravely fought Neuroblastoma for 21 months before passing away on December 23, 2018.

The TeamLuke Foundation stands as a lasting legacy in his honour. It is unwavering in its commitment to raising awareness, providing support to parents, and funding critical research to advance the diagnosis and treatment of Neuroblastoma.

This blog celebrates the creative collaboration between Surge and TeamLuke, showcasing the creation of a vibrant online presence. From a brochure website to compelling videography, engaging content writing, and vibrant digital graphics – all crafted with dedication, and all provided without a price tag.

Understanding the importance of a strong online presence, Surge utilised its creative prowess to enhance TeamLuke's visibility and amplify their life-saving research. Our initial task was to build a user-friendly, visually captivating website for TeamLuke on our in-house CMS Statamic.

Our Creative and Development team brought to life a brochure website, seamlessly delivering information about Neuroblastoma, the Foundation's mission, and the impactful research they support.

With intuitive navigation and compelling design, Surge ensured the website became a powerful tool for spreading awareness and rallying support for TeamLuke's cause.

Surge recognises the emotive power of visual storytelling, evident in the impactful long-form video that delves into the depths of the TeamLuke Foundation and its profound mission. This video, shared across social media platforms, serves as a catalyst for reaching a wider audience, inspiring action, and fostering engagement.

The visual aesthetics of TeamLuke's online presence, enriched by Surge's graphic design team, symbolise the commitment to progress and innovation. From infographics illustrating research milestones to visually engaging social media assets, these graphics weave a visual thread connecting the audience to TeamLuke's impactful story.

Complementing these captivating visuals is Surge's commitment to the written word. Our talented writers have crafted compelling content for TeamLuke's digital platforms, from foundational pages about the charity to informative pieces detailing Neuroblastoma research. Through words, Surge contributes to conveying the urgency and significance of the TeamLuke Foundation's mission.

Through the creation of a brochure website, impactful videography, compelling content, and stunning digital graphics – all provided free of charge – Surge has not only empowered TeamLuke but also fortified the collective resolve to confront Neuroblastoma head-on.

As Surge continues its commitment to supporting local charities, the ongoing endeavour aims to provide a value of £10,000 to a nominated charity next year. Together, we believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and compassion to make a lasting impact in our local area.

Check out the TeamLuke website here.