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Your website is live, but now it's time to keep it fresh and updated. Whether it's simple updates or major weekly overhauls, Surge has a range of website maintenance packages tailored to keep your online presence vibrant and up-to-date.

Say goodbye to the hassle of running and maintaining your website—let Surge take the wheel. Beyond functionality, we offer a comprehensive package, handling hosting, maintenance, and optimisation for your website. This includes regular monitoring to ensure your site is running smoothly and efficiently.

Additionally, we understand the importance of safeguarding your online assets. That's why our services include robust backup systems, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your website data is securely stored and can be restored in case of unexpected events.

Keeping your website not just up-to-date, but strategically positioned in the ever-evolving digital realm is what sets us apart. Trust Surge to not only maintain your site's functionality but also to monitor and back it up, ensuring a seamless and secure online experience for your visitors.


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Benefits Of Partnering With Surge


Overwhelmed with website upkeep? Let Surge take the lead. Our maintenance packages offer flexibility—manage your site independently with our support, or let us handle it for you. Get peace of mind, tailored support, and expert maintenance, aligning with your preferences.

Our team of over twenty professionals excels in branding, web design, content creation, SEO, and digital marketing. We provide a full service approach to navigate the complexities of creating and maintaining a digital online presence. The buck stops with us!

Why your business should partner with us:

Why your business should partner with us:


Surge, a full service website agency takes a holistic approach to digital solutions. We provide the full range of services needed for a successful website, understanding that diverse skills and expertise are essential in the digital age.


Understanding the value of constant tweaks for optimal website performance is crucial. Our team ensures your website generates a measurable return on investment through ongoing improvements.


Enjoy guaranteed fast turnaround times, a leading project management process, and your dedicated account manager. Rest easy knowing your website is always up-to-date and working hard for your business.


Constant tiny improvements to your website, as provided by Surge, add up to significant gains and better return on investment. Our ongoing enhancements ensure your website is always optimised for performance.

What does your website maintenance package include?

Our maintenance package encompasses hosting, regular updates, and optimisation, strategically positioning your website in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We take care of the hassles, ensuring your website stays up-to-date and strategically positioned.

How does Surge address the security aspect of website maintenance?

Security is paramount in our maintenance packages. With plugin, theme, and code updates, we ensure your website is secure from constant threats. We prioritise the safety and protection of your website.

Why is experience crucial in website maintenance?

Experience matters because constant tweaks are vital for optimal website performance. Surge understands the value of ongoing improvements, ensuring your website remains effective and achieves desired results over time.

How does Surge handle the overwhelming task of website upkeep?

Surge specialises in stress-free maintenance. Our straightforward packages let you focus on your strengths while we handle the rest. The Surge team ensures your website generates a measurable return on investment through ongoing improvements.

Can I trust Surge with the diverse needs of my website?

Absolutely. Surge, as a full-service website agency, takes a holistic approach to digital solutions. We provide the full range of services needed for a successful website, recognising that diverse skills and expertise are essential in the digital age.

What are the benefits of regular updates for my website's SEO and visibility?

Regular updates are crucial for engaging existing customers and attracting new ones. From an SEO perspective, consistent alterations help boost visibility and contribute to higher search engine rankings.

Can I get ad-hoc support from Surge instead of a monthly maintenance retainer?

Yes, absolutely. Surge offers ad-hoc support services for businesses that require less T.L.C. than typical websites. You can choose the support option that suits your needs and budget, ensuring a tailored approach.

What measures does Surge take for SSL certificate management?

We manage SSL certificates diligently, ensuring they are up-to-date and properly configured. This guarantees a secure connection for your website visitors and builds trust in your online presence.

How often does Surge perform backups of my website data?

We have robust backup systems in place. Your website data is regularly backed up to secure storage, providing peace of mind. In the event of unexpected events, data can be efficiently restored to minimise any potential downtime.

What uptime monitoring services does Surge provide?

Surge conducts regular uptime monitoring to ensure your website is always available to visitors. Our proactive approach allows us to identify and address any issues promptly, minimising disruptions to your online presence.

How does Surge handle security updates for plugins and themes?

We stay on top of security updates for plugins and themes, implementing them promptly to safeguard your website from potential vulnerabilities. This proactive approach ensures your site remains resilient against evolving security threats.

Can Surge assist with website migrations or server transfers?

Absolutely. Surge is equipped to handle website migrations and server transfers seamlessly. Whether you're changing hosting providers or upgrading your server, we ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption.