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Smart Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate

Rob Swinburne

January 21st, 2022

If your site has a high bounce rate you should work on lowering it as much as possible. A high bounce rate is one of the most common reasons your site doesn’t have many conversions, if someone is leaving your site after just one page you don’t get the chance to even convert them into a lead. 

If you are looking to lower the bounce rate of your site you first need to work out what the problems your landing pages have are. By fixing these issues your bounce rate should lower and hopefully, your conversions will increase.

Before you start, work out what pages of your site have high bounce rates. This can all be found through google analytics. Once you know the problem pages you can identify the common problems. 

How To Reduce Bounce Rate

A/B Testing

You might find that a particular headline or call-to-action button is not working and you might, in turn, want to change the page around. A/B testing is when you can try different versions of the same page, you can try out different content strategies and change page layouts to work out which works best. Once you have made your decision you can implement the page permanently. 

Optimise Call to Action Placement

Users will decide whether or not they will take action with a simple glance at a website. If your site isn’t up to scratch and things aren’t placed properly people are going to bounce away without taking action. Make your button prominent and ensure you describe your product or service properly. 

High-Quality Images

Images are important in reducing a bounce rate. Think back to the last time you were on a site with bad images. Can you remember any? Probably not because you bounced straight back off. If you can get images of your own if not use royalty-free images and stock images to entice visitors. 

Prioritise the User

User experience is vital, when a customer finds your site easy to use and likes the way it looks they will enjoy their time on-site and are much less likely to bounce away.  Your priority when building a site should be building a nice to use site that loads quickly and performs well. 

Let Your Clients Speak For You

Whether you are a B2B or B2C  testimonials that contain a quote from your client can be as attractive as an about us section in a much smaller snippet. You can make a dedicated testimonial section of your site that covers the success of your clients or glowing reviews from your customers. 

There are plenty of ways you can reduce the bounce rate of your website and boost your conversion rate. With a temporary fix you might be able to cut the bounce rate but fixing it permanently will have a positive and permanent effect on your website. If you need a hand with your website and want to leave your marketing to the experts get in touch with us and see what we can do for you!