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July 17th, 2019

Love them or hate them, emojis have revolutionised the way we communicate. ? They offer a language everyone can speak, and they add that little bit of character to our messages, social media posts and, occasionally, our website content! Celebrate World Emoji Day with us by exploring 10 fun facts about these weird and wonderful little visuals… 👀

1. The Most Popular Emoji Is… ?

The most popular emoji in the world is, not surprisingly, this little guy: 😂 He’s perfect for most situations. Tagged in a cool meme? Cry with laughter. 😂 Caught your friend on camera tripping over? Cry with laughter. 😂 Locked yourself out of your house? Ironically cry with laughter. 😂 The opportunities to use this one are endless! Some of the other most popular emojis include: 😊😁😘😍😎

2. You Can See Emoji Usage On Twitter In Real-time – And It’s Amazing! ?

We can all imagine that plenty of emojis are used on all social media platforms every single second. ⏳ When it’s put in front of you in real-time, though, the reality becomes even more spectacular. A tool called Emoji Tracker, which has been called ‘an experiment in real-time visualisation’, lets you see just how many emojis are being shared as you watch. Check it out – it certainly helps put our excessive emoji use into perspective! 😮

3. Emojis Have Their Own Movie With Some Huge Stars Involved ?

The Emoji Movie, released in 2017, had an incredible cast including the likes of TJ Miller, James Corden, Anna Faris, Christina Aguilera, Patrick Stewart, Jennifer Coolidge and more. 🤩 Despite some major critics claiming The Emoji Movie to be the worst film of 2017, it grossed $217.8million worldwide! 🤑

4. ‘Emoji’ Was Added To The Oxford Dictionary In 2013 ?

While emojis first emerged at the end of the 1990s, it took until 2013 for the word ’emoji’ to have its own place in the Oxford Dictionary. The definition is: ‘A small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion.’ 🤓

5. Emojis Are Proven To Increase Social Media Engagement ?

It’s no secret that emojis will brighten up any block of text. Several studies have gone ahead in recent years to prove that they do, in fact, increase engagement on social media posts. According to SmarterQueue, Instagram post interactions are boosted by 47.7% when they use an emoji, e-mails with emojis in the subject line increase open rates by 29%, and messages from brands containing emojis are four times more likely to generate a customer response than messages without. It goes without saying that emojis are the way forward!

6. 2019 Will See The Number Of Official Emojis Surpass 3,000 ?

As of last summer, there were 2,823 official emojis. This year, we’re allegedly getting 230 additional emojis, taking the total to 3,053! Some of the new ones will include a sloth, a waffle and a wheelchair. You’ll be able to represent just about anything as an emoji soon…

7. Two completely opposite emojis have one really big similarity… ?

One of the most iconic and well-recognised emojis is, in fact, the pile of poo. 💩 It’s become an internet sensation and has been turned into all kinds of products that are popularly sold worldwide. You may not have noticed, though, its similarity to another emoji… The ice cream and the pile of poo are practically the same! 🍦 Some believe that the poo emoji was initially chocolate ice cream, but we’re not so sure…

8. Emojis can look completely different depending on your device and platform ?

Emojis may be a universal language, but they do appear differently on certain devices and platforms. What you see on an Apple phone, for example, may not be what you see when using Google Chrome. Take a look at these sets of emojis from Facebook and Apple and see for yourself…

9. ‘Emoji Translator’ Is Actually A Real Job Title ?

It’s been reported that the world has its first official Emoji Translator in Irishman Keith Broni. There were apparently 500 applicants for the job role, which is with Today Translations in London. Keith’s job entails working with PR firms and marketing departments of multi-national companies to ensure they’re using emojis the right way, to their advantage. One of his first tasks was apparently to translate popular idioms into emoji versions so they can be used all over the world.

10. Today Is World Emoji Day Because It’s The Date On The Calendar Emoji 📆

July 17th was the date originally used on the emoji calendar icon. This is why the date was selected for World Emoji Day as emojis became a global phenomenon and, of course, deserved their very own day.

Know any more interesting facts about emojis? Want to share with us your favourite one? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment – and don’t forget to add emojis. 😜